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Sink cabinet #1 洗面台DIY作成

2021-02-03 by David



This house has bathroom 3 sinks that could do with replacing, so today I'll do the smallest of those - the 1st floor toilet.

▲ 1階のトイレは階段の下ですから狭い所でキャビネットを作ります。古いキャビネットは写真のようでした。


It's a pretty small space in here under the stairs, but the old metal sink is too small, too low and too damn ugly!

▲ アマゾンから買った「Kindness 洗面用水栓」(4,099円)です。混合水栓ですが、トイレの水管にはお湯はありませんので、一本のパイプでつなぎます。


Rather than an expensive made-in-Japan tap, I bought this simple white and chrome mixer tap on Amazon Japan for $40. The downstairs toilet doesn't actually have a hot water connection, so I'll only be using one of the two pipes that came with the fitting.

▲ シンクはまたイケアで買いました。「GUTVIKEN」(9,000円)は一番小さいタイプだと思います。埋め込みタイプではなく、キャビネットの上に載せます。


Want to guess where the sink came from? Yes, of course, it's from Ikea again! This is their smallest size sink, at $90, and sits on top of the cabinet rather than set into it.

▲ 古いキャビネットを外して、阿蘇市の未来館リサイクルセンターで捨てました。床タイルの線で10センチのベースを厚み18mm化粧板で作りました。


After ripping the old metal cabinet out, I made this simple 10cm tall base from offcuts left over from the kitchen build.

▲ 縦とカウンターを載せるフレームを作りました。簡単でしょう?!


Then one more 18mm white wood veneer board for the bottom and some more offcuts for the frame. Easy, yes?


▲ カウンターはキッチンと同じタイプのイケア「KARLBY」を使いました。一番長い259cmのカウンター(27,000円)を買って、3つにカットしました。3か所の洗面台で使うつもりですので、1つの洗面台には9000円になります。




The counter is from a long 259cm walnut counter from Ikea. I bought a long counter for $270, with plans to cut it into 3 parts for each of the 3 washrooms I was planning to use it in.


Once a small hole was cut in the centre of the counter, the sink was placed on top and sealed with silicon caulking.




▲ 最後にイケアの「BESTA」(2個で1000円)のヒンジと化粧板で扉を作りました




The last job was to make 2 cabinet doors and fit the Ikea BESTA hinges, as I did for the kitchen cabinet doors.


In total, the cabinet cost $330, but a large part of that was the fairly expensive countertop and sink. It's probably about comparable in cost to a shop-bought cabinet, to be honest. However, I think it was worth it to have a wall-to-wall fitted cabinet in exactly the style I wanted!


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