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Zombie Hotel in Aso 乙姫の廃墟ホテル

2021-02-17 by David





On one of our walks in the local area, Katie (the dog) and I came across this very interesting ruined building in a quiet wooded corner of Otohime Pension Village, and I couldn't resist a little bit of urban exploring.




▲ 地図には書いていないですが、衛星写真に出ます。


It's no longer marked on maps, but you can still see it on Google's satellite photo.




▲ 外からとこんな感じですね。庭には草がいっぱいありますが、通れます。




The entranceway is rather overgrown with weeds these days, but you can see that it was once a fairly grand hotel. I'm not certain of the period, but I'd guess from the age of some of the electrical items still in there, that it was abandoned in the late 90s or so? It has an onsen hotspring in the basement, and a large event room and lobby, so it was probably well known back then.




▲ 入口が開いていますので、この写真は受け付けですね。古いパソコンもそのまま置いてありますので2000年ほどかなぁ?


The front doors are ajar, so you can wander in and see the derelict reception desk in the photo. They still have some old tourist pamphlets and an old computer behind the desk, which gave me the rough idea as to the date of abandonment.


▲ ロビーです。あっちのダイニングホールにはまだ食器もあります。


To the left of the reception desk you've got this wide lobby, with a dining area beyond. All the dishes are still strewn about the place, and the kitchen seems to be the only place stripped of items. There was a bat flapping around the lobby ceiling somewhere.

▲ ロビー内のソファです。阿蘇の湿度で壁紙や天井がだんだん落ちてきますね。


The lobby still has plenty of armchairs and sofas thrown around the place, but you can see how the humid atmosphere of Aso in summer has really done a number on the wallpaper, carpets and ceilings. It's literally peeling off! This would be an ideal setting for a little zombie pic, I think!

▲ 2階の部屋には畳、ブラウン管のテレビ、家具や布団などがまだありますが、自然が戻ってきていますね。

Upstairs on the 2nd floor were all the guest rooms, some of which are still reasonably untouched by the elements. You can still see slippers, futons and even overturned TVs in most rooms, but the one in the photo above is probably the most striking - you can see plants growing up from rotten tatami mats, where the rain has started to get in.


Truly, an interesting place. Makes you think...



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