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DIY Bathroom #1 DIYでバスルーム

2021-02-19 by David



At last we come to the biggest job of the house renovation... the bathroom! Japanese bathrooms are usually downstairs, because they are designed to be watertight, with a central drain in the floor letting you shower and splash without worrying too much. This one, unfortunately, needs to be ripped out and replaced from scratch!


I could choose to go the more normal route of getting a regular bathroom "kit", with plastic walls, floors and ceilings, but that would cost anywhere upwards of $10,000. But it probably wouldn't fit brilliantly anyway (because this house is oddly shaped, with a large window) so instead, I'm going to try building my own from scratch, to a budget of about $2000. I love a good challenge!

▲ 2016年の熊本地震でこのバスルームがダメになりました!壁は厚いコンクリートとタイルなのに、地震でタイル落としたり、ひびが出たりしました。


Here's why the whole room needs to be rebuilt - the big 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, the one that collapsed the famous Kumamoto castle, also did irreparable damage to this bathroom.

▲ このままだと使えない部屋になりました。




The thick concrete walls and floor all cracked, and tiles started to shake off the walls and floor. This meant that the bathroom was no longer watertight, so it will all need to be redone from nothing!

▲ まずはこの邪魔な壁から壊す。向こうの部屋には収納スペースがありますので、こっち側のバスルームが若干小さくなりました。これはダメですね。コンクリートとタイルを外すとこんな感じでした。


First job was to knock down this redundant wall. The room on the other side has some shelf space built into the wall, which has pushed this section of the wall about 40cm further into this bathoom. Which is, quite frankly, a stupid design!


So I started this big job by slowly cracking apart the concrete and tiles, to remove the wall. Felt goooood!


▲ 壁を全部壊したら向こうの部屋から穴がありました。その部屋の収納スペースは使う予定はないので、向こうから壁を作り直す。


Of course removing this wall meant that there was a bloody great big hole coming in from the next room!



▲ 向こうから壁を作るとこんな感じでした。バスルームの壁位置がちょっと変わりましたので、新しい天井も必要となりました。


I patched up the wall in the other room from that side, which left me with a roughly square-shaped bathroom once again. With the bigger bathroom, I also needed to pull out the old ceiling panels and replace them with new ones cut to the new room dimensions.


▲ 数日後、左側の壁と後ろの壁を全部外しました。大体500キロのタイルとコンクリートを外に投げました!




After a few more days of work, I had managed to remove about half a ton of thick concrete and tiles from the left-hand side and back wall of the bathroom. The small bathtub was slowly levered out of the concrete hole and taken to the nearby recycling dump.


With that, the old bathroom had been mostly knocked down, so everything after this point would be rebuilding! Yay!



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