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Aging a trunk 50年代スーツケース

2021-03-23 by David

車の収納スペースを増やしたいので、海外のオークションサイトEbay.comで50年代のスーツケースを買いました。「50s case」または「50s trunk」で探せば、いっぱい出てきます。




My car has a tiny amount of storage space, so I decided to invest in a rear luggage rack and a suitcase that fitted the look and style of the car. The car's a replica of a 1957 Porsche Speedster 356, but thankfully isn't worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars the real ones are these days - so I can drive it normally, at least! It's actually built on a chassis from about 1968, I think.


I found this period 1950s Samsonite suitcase on Ebay in America, for about $30, plus about $50 for shipping. The condition is perfect inside, as good as new. The outside was a little scuffed and marked, but after some careful clean up (but not too much!) I was left with a really nice aged patina.

▲ 見た目は確かにきれいでしたが、その上にステッカーも張りました。「LaughingElephant」のメーカーからヴィンテージステッカー20枚セットを買いました(2000円):




Although the case is immediately recognisable as an antique, I wanted to add travel stickers to it, so give it a great look to match the car. I found this set of 20 reproduction stickers from Laughing Elephant, themed around European hotels of yesteryear.

▲ 可愛いでしょう!ラックに載せたら完璧!


A perfect match for the car... and I doubled my storage space!

▲ ステッカの上に透明のツヤありペイントをスプレーしましたが、100%防水じゃないから天気を見ないといけないですね。


I added several layers of spray-on clear varnish, to try and waterproof the stickers and leather as much as possible. Even so, it's not 100% waterproof, so I have to watch the weather carefully!

▲ 長い旅にはちょうどいいですね!


Just right for a long drive on a sunny day!


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