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Wood stove 薪ストーブ #2

2021-03-25 by David



The stove and platform are now in place, but next I have to fit a chimney pipe before I can use it to heat the downstairs hall. But first, I took the opportunity to redecorate....

▲ この壁をもうちょっとインパクトがあればいいなぁと思ったので、つや消しの「チャコール」でペイントしました!


After removing the extractor fan and water taps from the far wall (it used to be a painter's workshop too), I decided to create a slightly more 'high-impact' wall, using matt paint in a "charcoal" colour.

▲ どう?確かに違いますね!


LIKE it alot!

▲ ベンチソファの上に壁クッションを作りたいと思うので、それは木材に板のところです。その上にイケアの安いフレームを張りましたが、まだまだ内容は決まっていないんです。最後に、一番上に中古エアコンも付けました。エアコンも壁と同じ色でペイントしましたので、見づらいかも?


I thought the matt dark grey would make for a great contrast with these chunky thick white picture frames (from Ikea), where I can display some paintings, photos and artwork. I'll get to those later, I guess?!


The wide wooden boards are to mark out the location of a padded backrest for the sofa, and I even managed to squeeze in a used airconditioner above the picture frames, to help with heating and cooling. Of course I immediately painted that over in matt grey paint too, to keep the focus on the artwall!

▲ 薪ストーブのコーナーに防熱のケイカル板を張りました。いつか飾りタイルで綺麗にしますが、特に急いでいない。




In the corner I fixed two heat-resistant boards made from calcium silicate, from my local DIY store. The stove is not very high output, and it's also positioned at an angle to the walls and at quite a distance, so I judged it safe from fire hazards there. For the chimney, there needs to be a large square hole in the wall empty of any wood or insulation materials, and into that hole you place a super thick block of calcium silicate (with a hole for the chimney pipe) - which you can see behind the stove there.


Then it's a fairly simple task of running the 10cm diameter chimney pipe up and through the hole, and all the way to an end point above the eaves of the house. Getting that last heavy section of pipe secured at the top of a wobbling 8m ladder was quite hair-raising, but in the end it slotted into place and I was finally done!




▲ 薪ストーブの初デビューです!使えるようになりました!


The first test-fire of my new wood stove! House didn't burn down so..... SUCCESS!!!!!


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