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Fingerprint Doorlock 指紋ロック取付

2021-01-23 by David





DIY stores in Japan are waaaaaaaay behind on some technology, and since buying a good quality exterior door lock will cost around $100 here anyway, why not plan a little ahead and try some new technology for the same price?

▲私が買ったロックは防水の鍵・番号・指紋の機能が付いていたロックでした。海外の をちょっと紹介しますね。Ebayでは本当に何でも購入できるサイトです。ヤフーオークションみたいなサイトですが、日本のヤフーよりも商品がいっぱいありますので、価格がお得です。Ebayはアメリアの会社ですが、世界からの商品がいっぱいです。日本への送料を含めて日本のサイトより安いです。


写真の「Digilock 6600」 は約$100 (1万円)で注文しました。送料は多分2000円ほどでした。


The average Japanese shopper is not actually very familiar with Ebay, strangely. They have their own version here, Yahoo Auctions, and of course Amazon, but the selection is small and overpriced for products relatively new to market. Yahoo Auctions, particularly, is horribly difficult to use.


Buying from overseas sites like Ebay, (US & UK versions), and AliExpress is usually worthwhile, even considering extra shipping costs. I usually do my product research on (for the reviews), and then buy from for the higher likelihood of overseas shipping (and reasonable costs!).


So I ordered this DigiLock 6600 for the front door for about $100, and maybe $20 shipping costs. A great deal for a solidly-built waterproof lock with normal key access, code entry and fingerprint scanner!




▲ 取り付けがそんなに難しいではないんです。必要な道具は:


  • ドリル
  • 穴あけドリルビット
  • ドライバー
  • ハンマー




Installation took about 2 hours, and wasn't actually that difficult. First I removed the door from the hinges and took out the old locks and handle. Then I cut a large hole in the aluminium door using a power drill and a holecutter (according to the installation instructions), and slotted in the new lock. Once it was fitted, I added batteries and started registering fingerprints and codes etc.

▲ ロックが結構大きいんですが、位置によって上の古い鍵はそのまま一か所残っていた。鍵のなかの部分は外しました。

The digital lock is quite large, but not large enough to cover both the previous door handle and latch AND an extra, second lock placed above the handle. So I just removed the guts of the superfluous lock and left the key slot there.

▲ 電池が内側ですね。電池切れの場合には、外側に非常9v電池接続ポイントもあります。この2年間で電池がまだ切れていない。


This lock takes 4 AA batteries on the inside, but also has connection points on the outside for an emergency 9v battery in case the batteries die. In the (almost) 2 years since I installed this, the batteries still work fine.


In all, it's a project well worth doing, I think. Since this house might be stayed in by friends eventually too, I can set guest codes for them to get in without having to hand over keys.




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