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Making a deck table デッキ用テーブル作成 #1

2021-04-25 by David



It's time to make some deck furniture, and I'm keen to keep the budget down wherever possible.

▲ デッキを作ったときから長さ70cmほどの人工木材板を90枚も残っています。これで大きいテーブルと椅子を作りたいです。


I have a stack of about 90 short planks of this artificial wood, which were trimmed off the edge of the deck floor when I made it. Each one is only about 70cm in length, but my plan is to come up with a design which uses these cut-off pieces, and thereby keep costs to a minimum.

▲ 作る前に3Dモデルのソフトでデザインを考えました。八角の形で作ったら、短い板はそんなに問題にならないんですね。だけど本当にできるかなぁ?


This was my table design, as modelled in 3D software. It's an octagonal shape, which should have plenty of space for 8 people with an electric grill plate in the middle, for occasions when we choose not to use the big BBQ instead.

▲ 8人用のテーブルが結構大きいですので、半分に分けたら4人用のテーブル2台もいいかもしれない?


Of course a table with seating for 8 people takes up a lot of space, so I also designd it to split into two halves, and so normally these could be placed against the edge of the deck as two tables, each with seating for 4 people.

▲ まずは同じ人工木材のテーブルフレームで作りました。この形なら2つのテーブルにも分けることも可能です。


I bought some thin posts of the same artificial wood to make the table legs. You can see that it's constructed in two mirrored halves.

▲ テーブル台の大引きも同じ風に作りました。


I used a couple more beams as the supports for the tabletop.

▲ これは一番下のテーブル台です。2つのテーブルを一緒に使えば、真ん中に電気コンロも入れたいので、これはその電気コンロの台となります。


This was the first of 3 tabletop layers. This layer is the bottom layer, and is just designed to support the electric grill in the middle of the table, when both halves of the table are placed together.

▲ 次は電気コンロの周りに台をサポートする板を載せました。


The second layer surrounds the central grill space, and provides support for the many separate pieces of the tabletop.

▲ このステージで外に運んで、作業がデッキで続きました。一番上のテーブル台を始めました。


At this stage the tables were getting quite large, so I moved construction to the deck outside, before they became too large to fit through the balcony doors!


The tabletop is constructed from 4 concentric rings, each of 8 separate pieces. I started with the third ring.

▲ その中にまた板をはりました。


Then I moved to the second ring, inside the completed 3rd ring.


▲ 一番小さい板で電気コンロを囲まりました。


After that I cut the pieces for the innermost ring, and checked the electric grill still fits!




▲ やっとその周りに最後のテーブル板を載せました。


Then finally I was able to finish the outermost ring of the tabletop. It's a pretty big table!


▲ 最後に、真ん中にカバーを載せました。電気コンロが家の中に置きますので、使いたいときだけカバーを外します。




The last step was to make a cover for the central circle, in two halves, so that it looks like a regular tabletop when not being used for cooking.


The next blog will be about making 4 bench seats to surround the table! Phew....


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