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Making a deck table デッキ用テーブル作成 #2

2021-04-26 by David

昨日のテーブル作成の続きです ー 今回ベンチシートを作ります!


Following on from yesterday's blog about building the tables, today I tackled the bench seats to go with it!


▲ テーブルの周りに置きますので、シートも4つに分けて八角にデザインしました。人工木材36枚ほどあります。足りるかなぁ?


Since these 4 seats are going to be arranged around the table, I designed them to match the octagonal shape. I have 36 planks of artificial wood left in the cut-off pile, so I hope I have enough to last the project!



▲ 1個目のシートが完成!あと3個です。。。


The first of the seats goes together quite smoothly, and looked good enough to me. So I cracked on with the remaining 3 seats...


▲ 四つのシートを並ぶと大きいテーブルですね!


At last - done! The finished tables with all the seating!

▲ 電気コンロの場合はこんな感じです!高さ的にちょうどいいですね。


Ready for some casual grill dining! The height of the grill blends pretty well with the level of the table, so you don't see where I broke it years ago!

▲ 普段は二つのテーブルに分けて、柵の横に置きます。今はハンモックしか置いていないんですが、庭が完成したら景色がきれいになると思う。


Normally I'll be splitting the big table into two halves and storing them at the side of the house like this. That way they can still be used for sitting out on the deck, and I'll be able to walk past them and use the open corner of the deck for some sub-bathing deck chairs!

▲ 杉の影がお日様が気持ちいいです。


The afternoon sun comes through dappled very prettily, thanks to the big cedar-pine trees alongside.



I can't wait to get started on the exterior painting of the house - the last big job for now!


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