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Fireplace mosaic tiles 薪ストーブでモザイクタイル

2021-05-05 by David



A fun little activity this, so I'd been looking forward to it quite a bit! It was time to finish up the logstove area of the downstairs hall, by tiling the back walls behind it. But I didn't want to waste this opportunity by tiling the walls with neat, boring lines - instead I decided to try some mosaic tiling!

▲ 楽天の余剰タイル店で色んなタイルを買ってみました。サイズと色はバラバラでしたので、いいかなぁと思ったんです。最初にはタイルをハンマーで割れました。


Hmmm. Mosaic tiles in Japan are stupid expensive, especially for an area this large. So I decided to make my own, and ordered a variety of pale blue and pink tiles from a Rakuten store online, then had some fun carefully smashing them into smaller pieces with a hammer!

▲ タイルのアレンジは一応床にしてみました。デザインには4枚のグラス皿も入れたいので、適当にアレンジしました。


To ensure I got the right balance of colours (and quantities of tiles), I drew out the lines on cardboard and arranged them there as a test. As some extra focal points I also added some glass dishes with metallic flecks that I had purchased online.

▲ じゃ、これで行きましょう!


Looks good to me - time to start transferring the design to the wall!

▲ 次は壁にタイル用の接着剤を張って、ちょっとづつタイルを張りました。


I used about 4kg of tile adhesive to cover the two square metres of wallspace, and then started to transfer the tiles from the floor to the wall.


▲ ちょっと時間かかりましたが、やっと終わりました。翌日に灰色の目地材を入れました。


After a couple of hours, and some extra fill-in tiles here and there, everything was stuck to the wall and left to dry. The next day, I used another 4~5kg of grey grout to fill in the gaps between tiles and strengthen everything.



▲ 完成です!ちょっと美術風にできましたので、嬉しいです!


Yay, done! My interior style tends to be a bit geometrical, so it was nice to be able to introduce this rather looser, arty style to the room.


▲ これで薪ストーブの部分が終わりました!


With this job done, that corner of the room is now complete!


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