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Sofa backs ソファ作成

2022-04-03 by David



The first floor's main room, which I'm using as a studio display space most of the time (but also as a large living room when friends visit) is very nearly finished now! The last thing I need to do is add some back cushions to the long sofas.

▲ 安い板と2x4でクッションのボディを作りました。


I decided to make long cushioned boards, to hang along the walls above the sofas, so I started with some cheap plywood and cheap 2x4s to make the body.

▲ 次は壁に掛ける「フック」を作りました。板を斜めに切ると簡単な「French cleat」のフックを作った。


Next I needed a way to hang these long cushions on the wall, so I cut strips at a 45 degree angle, in what's known as a French cleat.

▲ 半分をクッションの裏側に付けると。。。


I attached the bottom half of each strip to the wall....

▲ 。。。残りの半分を壁に付けます。


... and the top half of each strip to the back of the board.

▲ 載せるとこんな感じ。


Then it's easy to drop the board into place, and the angle of the cut will push the board tightly against the wall. Simple!

▲ ダイヤモンドのパターンでボタンもしたかったので、ボタンの穴位置を書きました。


I also wanted to make a diamond pattern with buttons, like those you find on bed headboards, so I marked a diamond pattern of holes....

▲ ドリルで穴を開けて、ボタンの糸を通れる穴になります。


... and then drilled them out. The string for each button would pass through each hole.

▲ クッション用の綿が結構高いみたいですので、要らない断熱材を使ってみました。上に座れるクッションであれば、絶対利用できないんですが壁に付けるタイプであればどうかなぁ?


Next came the padding. I found that cotton or sponge stuffing is very overpriced in Japan, especially for something as long as these backboards (almost 3 metres each!), so I chose to try using some leftover rolls of fibreglass insulation material.


This wouldn't work for normal cushions, because they'd deform when sat on, but it should work okay for cushions just hanging on the wall. I hope?!

▲ 人工革の布を店で見つけました。裏側にホチキスで固定しました。




I found some good quality fake leather in a material shop, and stapled it on the backside, around the edges.


At this point I decided to leave off the diamond pattern of buttons for now, and see how they look without. I may revisit this at some point and add the buttons, but for now it will do fine!

▲ 壁に掛けるとこんな感じになりました。やった!


So instead, I just slipped the boards back on their hooks, and it was done!

▲ とりあえず、1階のアトリエ部屋が完成!いい感じでしょう?


So for the moment, the room is now finished, and I think it looks awesome! What do you think?


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