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Making a shop stamp 店のスタンプづくり

2022-06-11 by David



I'm planning to open the studio as a little shop shortly, so I'm currently trying to get things ready for that. In addition to a basic register and music system, I need to prepare some simple bags for anybody buying small items. The local 100-yen shop has excellent small plastic and paper bags, and I wanted to see if it was possible to create a logo stamp using the 3D printer....

▲ スタンプは6cmほどになりますので、ロゴのデザインをちょっと変えました。そして、3Dプリンターでこのスタンプを作りました。もちろん反対に作らないといけないので、これはちょっと失敗でした。でも形がフラットですので、きれいに押せないんですね。ゴムじゃないから、形がちょっと丸く作らないとね?


The stamp needed to be about 6cm to fit on the stamp pad, so I had to simplify a few elements of the logo so everything was slightly blockier and larger. Then I set the printer to work on this stamp (which I forgot to reverse - oops!). It worked okay, considering it's printed in hard plastic rather than rubber, but it was hard to get uniform pressure everywhere when pushing down on the stamp.

▲ バージョン2.0です!ちゃんと逆にした上で、ちょっとカーブがある形にしました。これでゆっくりロールしながら押せるかな?


So I created this second version of the stamp, which (in addition to being reversed properly) was put onto a curved block. For those interested in designing a stamp like this, it's was actually surprisingly easy - 10 minutes to create a large cylinder in 3DBuilder, then slice a chunk off, and then emboss a PNG file of the logo onto the curved surface. Much, much easier than I expected!




▲ まぁ、これで行けるかなぁ?


This was the end result. Not perfect (a couple of places were too thin to print and stamp clearly), but I'm happy enough with that.



I've designed a new version of my popular lantern model, with the kanji characters for "Otohime" written on one side, as a little souvenir item. I'm planning on selling this as a set with an LED bulb and button battery, simple enough for kids to quickly push it together and have a flickering lantern on their desk! With the logo-stamped bag it looks cute!


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