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Kitchen cabinet #1 イケアのカウンターでキャビネット作成

2021-01-26 by David





This slightly unique Japanese house's kitchen is, to be honest, totally terrible. It's tucked away in one small corner of the house, with the entrance next to the rusty metal sink cabinet requiring you to squeeze into a 43cm gap! Who plans these things?!


Once you're in the tiny kitchen, it gets worse! Of the three small walls available to place furniture, one is required for the entrance, and the longest wall has a low window in it, so you can't put anything there either! What a mess!


Kitchens are important. They should be a place you enjoy spending time, not small, pokey and badly laid-out. So the only thing to do here is to cover up that window, maximise wall space, and start completely from scratch! My budget for this kitchen build is about $2000, so keeping costs low with good condition used appliances (e.g. fridge) helps too.



▲ この低い窓が結構かわいいですが、あまり役に立たないんです。物が全然置けないし、あまり明るくはないんです。

This is the low window in the kitchen. It's not very useful under the roof eaves anyway, since it doesn't really let much light in, so I don't really have a problem covering it over.


▲ まずは10センチ断熱材フォームで窓をカバーしました。外側から誰も見えないので、別に気にしていない。カバーしたら、やっと冷蔵庫が置けるスペースができました!


First thing to do is cover the window with a 10cm sheet of insulation foam. I'm not going to completely remove the window, as nobody can see it from the woods at the back of the house.


Finally I have somewhere to put the fridge!



▲ 左側にある▷形の部分は建物強化のために必要ですので、その▷と冷蔵庫の間にキャビネットを入れます。三角の板を外せば、新しいカウンターがちょうどフィットします!


イケアで181cmx45cmのカウンター(KARLBY: 17,900円)を買いました。キャビネットはDIYで作ります!




The cabinet would fit in between the triangle frame support (required to hold the house up!) and the fridge. I bought a 181cmx45cm walnut veneer countertop from Ikea for $180, and sketched out a 180cm cabinet to fit. Using 40cm wide white veneer boards from the local DIY store, I first built a 10cm base for the cabinet, and then carefully added sides and supports on top.


The biggest problem is keeping your lines straight if you're cutting boards, so whereever possible I used the veneer boards at their original size without any cuts.





▲ イケアのウールナットカウンターを上に置くととりあえず完成。キャビネットのドアが後から付けます。ドアも60センチの化粧板を使います。


Placing the Ikea counter on top and screwing it in felt really satisfying! For now, this will do. I'll be adding cabinet doors later on, also made from 18mm veneer boards.


▲ 中の棚も後から付けます。今のままでも満足ですね!


Including the doors, hinges and shelves inside (also to be added later), and the $180 for the counter, this cabinet came to probably around $500 in total. A little more than I hoped, but it looks good, is solidly built, and should be indistinguishable from a shop-bought system kitchen when it's finished.


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