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Halloween 2022

2022-11-07 by David



Last week was Halloween, so I finally got to try on my new costume. This year was my final halloween night out in Kitakyushu, so from next year I think I'll try Kumamoto or Aso!

▲ コスチュームのイメージはこんな感じでした。


This was the costume I was aiming for - Johnny Depp from the old Edward Scissorhands movie. He actually has a head-to-toe leather bodysuit, covered in buckles and straps, but using this old shirt and grey trousers to cover up most of it makes it much, much easier to duplicate as a costume.

▲ 「80sロッカー」のかつらを買ったんだけど、切る前に念のために写真も撮りました!コワイ!


I found a messy wig on Amazon, entitled "80s Rocker", which I thought would make a good basis for Edward's hair. I couldn't help take this incredibly dumb pic before I started cutting, and had a shave for the makeup.

▲ 切った後に木材ボンドと水を混ぜて、指で形を作りました!


After trimming off much of the length and bulk of the wig, I mixed wood glue and water, and worked it into the wig with my fingers. I could have tried hairspray or mousse, but I thought that the glue would be much harder and stay in shape better, once it was dry.

▲ この前プリントしたScissorhandsのグローブをやっと使えました。


These were the gloves I printed last month, and painted up with lots of silver scratches and edges.

▲ 首のやつがダイソのベルトで作りました。メイクも100円ショップで買いました。


The neck piece was made from a few 100-yen shop belts, and velcroed at the back. Then I cut one suspender belt, as per the movie, and pinned it together again. The makeup was also 100-yen shop pale foundation, with a deep purple for the lips and some eye shadow around the eyes. Not perfect, but luckily it would be dark later on, so hopfully it would do fine.

▲ 手なしの夜は大変だったけど、全部で大成功でした!来年、阿蘇市のほうでハロウィーンもしようね!


And here's the final costume! Edward Scissorhands! Those hands were tricky to move around in, but it looked great! Watch out for me haunting Aso next year as Edward....



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