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Display cabinets 展示キャビネット

2023-01-01 by David

明けましておめでとうございます! Happy new year, everybody!


There are a few projects planned for this year:


  1. 花壇 flowerbeds
  2. 車庫 garage
  3. レジンテーブル resin river table
  4. 貝シャンデリア capiz shell chandelier



...but first I'll just show off some pics of the completed downstairs studio room!

▲ 棚を役に立つスペースにしたかったので、まずは3Dプリンター2台を置きました。そして、真ん中に店レジ用のiPad(と音楽スピーカーなど)とキャッシュボックスを埋め込みました。


I wanted to turn these wood shelves into something a little more useful, so I started off by adding an enclosure with two 3D printers and some LED strips to light them. I ordered an acrylic sheet to cover the front of the printer space, to keep out dust and doghair!


Then in the middle space I added an old iPad that would serve as a shop register (in addition to playing music), and a cash box.


▲ キャッシュボックスはアメリカ製の鉄砲用の「ガンセーフ」ですが、指紋ロックが付いていますので結構便利と思っていました。中には1千・5千・1万円札のトレイを入れたかったですので、3Dプリントで作りました。いいでしょう?


The cashbox is actually a small gun-safe made in the US, but it has biometric fingerprint access - which means it will pop open quickly, to act as the other half of the shop register. I designed and printed these simple money clips to fit inside the lid, to hold notes, and small coin trays for the change.

▲ 展示用の棚にしたいので近くの工務店にグラス切を頼みました。スライド式の2枚グラスに3Dプリントされたハンドルも作成しました。


I also carefuly measured the shelf fronts, and had sheets of glass cut to size at a local handyman store. Two sheets of glass for each space, and they slide along simple plastic rails. The plastic handles for each glass front were, of course, 3D printed!

▲ アトリエで作成された情景モデルやペイントしたプラモデルが現在展示されています。


So at the moment there are loads of 3D printed terrain models, plus of course tons of painted fantasy and sci-fi models - my hobby for the past 30 years! Now they finally get proper places to be displayed in the sunshine!

▲ 日本の情景モデルが結構集まっていますので、もういっぱいかも!


I've designed and painted so many samurai-themed building models over the last 3 years or so, that the middle shelves are already full of them!

▲ 一番上に夏に作った「国造神社」も置いてあります。


You can see the large shrine building didn't quite fit inside the shelves, so it had to go up on top!


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