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Garage construction ガレージ工事 PART 2

2023-07-30 by David



Last week's job was to prepare the forms for the concrete foundations, and this week it was finally time to pour in the concrete for the garage base. I dropped in to the offices of a local concrete supplier (who were quite surprised to see me!), and organised for 2 cubic metres of wet concrete to be delivered two days later. Exciting stuff!!

▲ 生コンクリートを入れるために道具を用意しました。但し、いつものケチな私が道具を買うじゃなくて、自分で作る決まりにしました。小さい道具は約5000円でアマゾンで買えますが、簡単なデザインで考えて3Dプリンターで作りました。値段はゼロ円!




I'd put together some smoothing tools known as "concrete floats", and as always I'd opted to make these myself and save as much money as possible! The little hand tools sell for about 5000yen each, but I produced them for free by designing and printing them on the 3D printers. They aren't as durable as proper metals ones, but I'll only be using them once!


The big bull float is a handy tool for professionals, but retails at several hundred dollars, so I made my own from a plastic mop, and two bits of wood. It's not perfect, but should work okay?

▲ 午前11:00にこのミクサー車が来ました!しかし、今年最高温度の32℃の日に!


The mixer truck turned up at 11am, just as the heat of the day was reaching its height. Unfortunately, it only had a 1 metre chute, so I had to waste lots of time pushing 3 tons of concrete to the far end of the foundation area. It also turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, which caused problems with the concrete setting pretty fast.

▲ 優しいドライバーさんがちょっと手伝いましたが、やはりこんなに暑い日は大変でした!


The driver kindly helped out at the start, shifting the concrete, and then had to leave. So I was left with 3 tons of fast-setting concrete which needed to be flattened out, using that long piece of wood to scree the top surface.


As you can see, the side near the road was soon in full sunshine, which made it set even faster :(

▲ 道揃えは早く乾燥した過ぎたのはちょっと残念でしたが、やっと使える基礎にできました!


So the edge near the road turned out a little rough, due to the faster drying time, but all the edges are nice and flat - so it should work fine to build on top of. Finally, I had a usable concrete foundation for my garage!

▲ 二日間後、木材の型を外した時にこんな感じですね!成功だ!


Two days later, I pulled off the wooden frame to find that everything seemed to have worked fine. So let's take a look at the total costs, compared to my initial budget of 90,000yen.





型の木材: 16,538yen (建物のフレームで再利用できます)

砕石 (1m³・配送込): 6,600yen

網メッシュ (10枚): 6,780yen

鉄筋 (4本): 1,352yen

メッシュ結び: 128yen

メッシュ用の載せるブロック: 450yen

生コンクリート (2m³・配送込み): 49,900yen


仕上げ用の木材: 1,980yen

ゴムブーツ: (友達から借りた) 0yen

糸: 498yen

三角定規: 1,170yen

コンクリートフロート (モップと木材): 1,277yen

合計: 87,349円





Wooden frame: 16,538yen (but I can re-use these for the building itself)

Gravel (1m³ incl. delivery): 6,600yen

Wire mesh (10 panels): 6,780yen

Rebar (x4): 1,352yen

Mesh ties: 128yen

Concrete "chairs" to lift the mesh up: 450yen

Concrete pour (2m³ incl. delivery): 49,900yen


Scree wood: 1,980yen

Rubber boots: (borrowed from friend) 0yen

String: 498yen

Triangular ruler: 1,170yen

Bull float (mop & wood): 1,277yen

Total cost: 87,349yen




So it was under budget, and saved a whole load of money compared to having a company do it for me - one 'friend' of a friend quoted 280,000yen, which would have been half my budget for the whole garage build!


Bearing in mind that I had no experience of doing this before and no specialist tools, and learnt how to do it from YouTube videos, it's an achievable if time-consuming project for a keen DIYer!


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