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Secret Aso-volcano pool 阿蘇山の隠れプール

2023-09-16 by David



Last week I took a little drive to Sensuikyo Gorge, on the north side of the Aso volcano. I last visited this spot a couple of years ago, and I'm happy to report that this lovely little pool still exists. It's ideal for a refreshing dip on a hot summer's day, and nobody seems to even know it exists - not even the locals!

▲ 下を見ると景色がこんな感じです!仙酔峡の駐車場から300メートルほど上になります。


It's a little hard to find (map shown below for you) and a short 300-metre hike up from the nearest car park, but this is the view from the pool itself, looking north towards Aso city. Those mountains waaaay in the distance are the Kuju mountains, about 30mins drive north of Aso.

▲ 上を見ると阿蘇山が見えます。阿蘇山の中岳が結構近いですね。




And this is the view south, looking up behind you to the Aso volcano. The actual central crater of Aso (called Nakadake) is only about 1km from the pool, which is why you'll usually see these clouds of ash and vapour popping up above you!


The pool itself is not a geothermal pool, so the water is cold. However, the thin stream of water coming from above flows over these lava-rocks, and on a hot summer's day those rocks are warm from the sun's rays.... which means you get a small shower of warm water pouring into the pool! Really lovely.

▲ 仙酔峡の駐車場から、この古いケーブルカー柱の高さまで登らないといけないんです。15分ほどかかります。


Okay, here's how to find it..... you'll need to park at the Sensuikyo car park below (which does have public toilets and some drink machines), and then hike up the steps and path for about 15 minutes. Once you get to the height of this disused cable car tower (on your right), turn left off the path.

▲ ハイキング道路からも見えないプールですが、この写真の所に来たら1分です。


This is the view left from the path. Although you won't be able to see it from the path, there's actually a small stream running just out of view, and you want to aim for the jagged slope in middle of this photo. You'll need to walk about 1 minute off the path to find it.







Have fun!!


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