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Kitchen taps キッチン用水栓

2021-01-29 by David



Next job in the kitchen was to add some plumbing to the central cabinet.

▲ ディッシュウォッシャーを使う予定はないので、洗った皿を乾かすところが要ります。ただし、カウンターが木材ですので、シンク自体に乾かすスペース要ります。ネットでいろいろ調べましたが、やっぱりイケアの「VATTUDALEN」シンク(10,900円)を注文しました。ボウルがちょっと小さいですが一人暮らしには別に問題ないです。


I'm not planning to use a dishwasher, so I'll need somewhere to dry dishes. However I can't place dishes directly on to the countertop to drain into a sink (because it's wood), so I need a sink with a built-in draining board. I found this small but functional stainless steel sink at Ikea, for only $110. It's not the biggest sink around, but at least that will encourage me to wash dishes straight away!


▲ シンクを埋め込むために、カウンターに穴を切りました。一個だけの引き出しが使えなくなりますが、そこにタオルをかけようかなぁ。イケアのシンクには必要な下水パイプなどが入っていますので、接続作業は結構楽だった。仮パイプは写真のようだった。




So with my sink chosen, I cut the hole into my countertop where it would take the space of one drawer unit. Ikea sinks come with all the plastic out-pipes you'll need, so connecting those was easy-peasy. With that, I could at least get water in my new kitchen, via my amazing hosepipe-to-old-pipes setup! haha


Obviously the next step was to remove those old water pipes and move the new pipes a little inside the cabinet. Easier said than done! Happily, I was able to gain access to the pipes via the room below, which is the bathroom - and I was planning on replacing the walls and ceiling there anyway! It was my first time making plumbing connections, so I was a little nervous and just extended the old pipes with the same type of slightly longer metal pipes. It was a real pain in the butt doing that in a confined wallspace downstairs, so next time I will definitely use flexible insulated plastic pipes instead. Lesson learnt!

▲ 次の作業が水栓金具ですね。日本製のTOTOやINAXの水栓を使えば、必ず20,000円以上かかります。そして、日本風のボタンいっぱいと文字入りの水栓はあまり好きじゃないからネットで調べました。結局アマゾンからCREAの水栓を見つけました。中国製だとも思うんですが、水栓金具は長く使う商品だから別に問題ない。写真は2020年式のバージョンだ思うけど、買った商品がもうちょっとシンプルなバージョンでした。たった5990円でした。必要なパイプなどが付いています。


With the water pipes moved to their new location, I needed to add a hot-cold mixer tap. If you're planning on doing this yourself, I recommend saving some money by skipping Japanese brands. If you buy from Toto or Inax, it'll cost over $200 easily, but you can get the same product for much cheaper from a non-Japanese brand. I found this Crea mixer tap on Amazon Japan for only $60. I think it's Chinese made, but I'm not overly concerned about it breaking anytime soon! (my previous kitchen's Japanese-made tap, as an example, broke after 11 years!)


Bonus for me is avoiding all the extra buttons and ugly unnecessary labels that Japanese makers insist on putting on their products. Yay!


▲ 水栓金具の横に食器用洗剤も入れたかったです。水栓金具と同じステンレスシール仕上げの洗剤ディスペンサーを見つけました。またイケアの商品ですね!埋め込む用の「KNIPEN」(1,999円)です。


The other thing I wanted to include was this push-top soap dispenser. I found this KNIPEN one from Ikea for only $20, in the same brushed stainless steel finish as the tap it would sit next to.




▲ カウンターに穴2つ開けたら、水栓金具と洗剤ディスペンサーがこんな感じになりました。安い価格で大満足ですね!


Fitting the tap and soap dispenser was simple enough - drill 2 holes and screw them in. Now I have running water in my kitchen - what a luxury!


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