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Making small tables 小さいテーブル作成

2023-12-22 by David



The new 3D printing design I'm currently working on in the studio is the Samurai Lord's House, and it covers a massive 120cm x 120cm area! So it looks like I'll need to build some extra tables to give it enough space to be assembled.

▲ 既に90cmx120cmテーブル2台ありますので、合わせたら大きい180cmx120cmテーブルも利用できますが今回小さい90cmx60cmテーブルを作成します。組み合わせは自由に使いたいです。




I already have a couple of bigger 90cm x 120cm tables already, which can be placed together to make a very large 180cm x 120cm table. But this time I wanted to make two smaller 90cm x 60cm tables, which can be placed separately around the studio as display tables, too!


So I started with some cheap 1x4 pieces of pine, laid on top of the existing larger table to make sure the dimensions matched. This produced 2 tabletop 'frames'.

▲ フレームの中に2x4の太い補強を入れました。


Two thicker 2x4 beams were screwed inside the frames, lifted up enough to fit more 1x4s later.

▲ 次の工事は足ですね。他のテーブルと同じように足を2x4で作りました。


Next it's time to create some simple legs. I decided to make these simple box shapes from 2x4s, so that the tables would match the shape of the existing tables. Perhaps overkill in terms of wood, but never mind!

▲ 四角の足を2x4でつなぎました。


Two leg squares were connected for each table, with a thick 2x4 beam on each side.

▲ フレームを足に付けました。


The tabletop frames were then screwed down onto the leg structure, to make sturdy tables.

▲ 最後には卓上を1x4で切って、フレームに木材ボンドで固定しました。


The last phase of construction was to cut 1x4s to make the table tops. I just glued these down inside the frames, because they won't be taking much weight.

▲ それで完成ですが、デザイン性はもうちょっとレベルアップにしたいです。


And there we have it - two completed mini tables!


.... but now I need your ideas!?


I'd like to make the tables a little fancier by carving a couple of small designs into the table surfaces. Any suggestions?

▲ この写真は過去に作ったテーブルです。ファンタジーのテーマでインテリアを作りましたので、この柄をルータで書きました。今回も同じような方法で何かの柄を入れたいですね。柄はまだわからないんですが。。。


This is a large twin-tailed comet motif I carved into a full-sized gaming table a few years back, when I was making a fantasy-themed gaming room. It looked pretty nice when finished and wood-stained, so that's why I'm keen to try again on these smaller tables.


If you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments below? Thanks!

▲ 冬のプロジェクトはこれです - 大きい模型です!大分県臼杵市の稲葉家下屋敷の模型ですので、結構広い!


Last photo for today - this is the Samurai Lord's House project I'm currently working on, based on the Inaba Residence in Usuki City, Oita prefecture. It's a biggie!!


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