Customer pics お客様作品の写真

2024-06-17 by David




I've recently been following along on a customer's painting and modelling blog, and thought you might also enjoy seeing these lovely finished pics! Enjoy....

▲ Well done! Beautiful paint jobs!

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New side-project... a hobbit house! ホビットの家

2024-05-12 by David

新しいプロジェクトを紹介します!今月から面白い作業を始めます - ホビットハウスです!




I'm very pleased to be able to announce my next exciting project today..... a HOBBIT HOUSE!!!


Over the next couple of years I'm going to be building my own underground house here in Aso, inspired by the fantasy home of Bilbo Baggins in J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit". Please join me in this DIY adventure and follow along with my regular progress videos!!

▲ ぜひ、作業ビデオをBagEnd.jpのほうでご覧ください!


I'll be posting up regular videos on the new website, so please take a look!







I'd like to invite you to follow on with the YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages - please considering subscribing and following if you can!


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Shops added to the shop ショップにお店

2024-04-30 by David



A collection of 8 highly-detailed model shops have been added to the online store.


▲ You can choose from a pottery shop, music shop, toy shop, rice shop, sake (ricewine) shop, cloth/kimono shop, umbrella shop, and the tea shop pictured above.



Repainting a (mini) car ミニカーのリペイント

2024-04-29 by David




Just for fun I bought myself a 1/24 scale model of my little blue car! The model is highly detailed and quite lovely, but you can only buy it (on AliExpress) in 4 colours; black, silver, red and yellow. So I decided to take the one I bought (in silver) to pieces and respray it.

▲ まずはパーツをバラバラしました。そして、スプレーのためにメッキのパーツなどをマスキングテープでカバーしました。テープだけが3時間もかかりました!


Masking all of those absolutely tiny chrome strips and details took about 3 hours with a sharp knife, and a steady hand.

▲ 車の「Meissen Blue」と結構近いAsahiPenの「Smoky Blue」でスプレーしました。ペイントがつや消しですので、その上にツヤありのラッカースプレーも致しました。


My car's colour is a bluey-grey tone called "Meissen Blue", it seems, and the closest I could find was a spray can called Smoky Blue. Since that colour is only available in matt, I followed that with several coats of clear gloss spray.

▲ テープを外した時に感動しました!綺麗にできていますね。


Slowly and carefully peeling off the masking tape strips was really good fun, and I was delighted how well it worked!

▲ インテリアパーツも前の黒から乗っている車のワインレッドに変更しました。それは筆でペイントしました。


I repainted the interior details too, from the model's previous black plastic to this oxblood red colour, to match my own car.

▲ この1/24モデルのディテールも素晴らしい!


The details on this 1/24 model are really accurate, and even feature a complete frunk interior.

▲ なかなか近いでしょう?!


That colour turned out to be a pretty darn good match, eh? Love it!



Buying land in Otohime 乙姫で土地探し

2024-04-27 by David





I've been searching for a new bit of land nearby, for an interesting new project I'm planning. The obvious choice was to look inside the little "Pension (B&B) Village" here in Otohime, as it's all within walking distance of my house.


After many, many hours spent scouring multiple estate agent sites on the net, I compiled all of the available info onto a large map of the area. I thought it might be of interest to anybody else looking for cheap land in this beautiful green area near Aso, so if you click on the map below it will open up the large-scale version with all of my notes written on it.

▲ 線で囲まれている情報が家が付いているという意味です。線なしの情報は土地のみです。乙姫の市場価格は大体一坪1.6万円ですが、ほとんどの土地がコズキ不動屋さんの管理になりますので、ありえない価格になっています。残念ですね。




Each bit of land I could find information on has three pieces of information; the total size of the land, the per-tsubo price (useful for comparative purposes), and the total price for the land. Any text surrounded by a rectangular box also contains a house/building, and those are usually slightly more expensive.


The average land price in Otohime is 16,000yen per tsubo (3.3m²), although since many of the pieces of land for sale are being sold by the local golf course, they are occasionally stupidly overpriced! The stand out property is a massive piece of land at the very top of the map, with an equally massive and modern building in good condition - the overall price is large, but the per-tsubo price is dirt cheap and would make a bargain for any business looking for an easy large-scale hotel property. Anyway, it's the top link in the list below, which are links to the various properties, for those who are interested....





Ultimately, after much searching and ringing of random telephone numbers, I found my perfect (i.e. cheap!) land tucked away, and just a few days ago I finally took possession. So my new project can now move ahead, and I'll be revealing more details over the coming weeks!




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