New models:

Ruined Hut
Sumo ring
Stone wall (ruined)
Stone wall (gate)
Stone wall (corner)
Stone wall (straight)
Wooden wall set
Wooden wall (gate)
Wooden wall (corner)

Welcome to ASO MILL

ASO MILL is a foreign-owned 3D printing studio in Kumamoto, Japan. We're located in a little tourist village, amongst the woods of the beautiful Aso volcano region. If you're visiting the area, why not drop by and take a look at the displays of 3D printed models, buildings and costuming items in the studio shop?


We offer a range of 3D printed historical / fantasy themed wargaming terrain models suitable for feudal Japanese villages and towns, for use in your Test of Honour, Bushido, Saga, Clash of Katanas, Kensei, Ronin, Legend of the Five Rings, WWII Bolt Action and other wargames and roleplaying games. Available in a variety of model scales, and we are Japan's only licensed print partner for 3DAlienWorlds.


Latest Blogs:

Leather book cover 古い本の修理

古い本が大好きです!古い雰囲気の本も好きだけど、本物の革じゃないからダメになりますね。A little winter project this year was to re-cover and repair a gigantic olde-world-style book. ▲ この素敵な本を15年ほど前から持ったけど、偽物革がダメになったんです。ということは今回のプロジェクトは本の修理です!カバーを外して、本革で新しいカバーを作ります。まったく経験はゼロですが、YouTubeのビデオを見ながら修理できるかなぁ?   I've had this book for abou ...


Making small tables 小さいテーブル作成

今月新しい模型を作っています。ただし、結構大きいですので、スタジオにあるテーブルがちょっと足りないみたいです!   The new 3D printing design I'm currently working on in the studio is the Samurai Lord's House, and it covers a massive 120cm x 120cm area! So it looks like I'll need to build some extra tables to give it enough space to be ...


Happy Halloween 2023!!

今年の春に引っ越ししたので、秋になるとハロウィーンの季節が来ました。ただし、阿蘇のほうではイベントはなさそうですのでAsoMillでパーティーをしようとしました!   1週間前ほどから飾り作成を始めました。。。   It's my first Halloween here since moving to Aso in the spring, so I decided to go a bit nuts with the halloween decorations and host a proper party in the house! Strangely, ...


Garage construction ガレージ工事 PART 6

外壁と屋根の時間です!やっと!夏の天気から秋っぽくなりましたので、作業がちょっとだけ楽になりました!It's finally time to add the exterior walls and finish the roof. Fiiiiiinally!!   The summer weather has started to cool now, which has helped to make the work on the garage a little easier. So let's get started.... ▲ まずは外壁のサイディング張りから ...


Secret Aso-volcano pool 阿蘇山の隠れプール

先週この小さいプールにまた行ってみました。2年間前にも行ったんだけど、前から全然変わっていないそうです。阿蘇市の方々も知らないだそうですので、素敵な景色を楽しみながら泳ぐこともできます!   Last week I took a little drive to Sensuikyo Gorge, on the north side of the Aso volcano. I last visited this spot a couple of years ago, and I'm happy to report that this lovely little pool st ...



We are OPEN today!

〒869-2226 熊本県阿蘇市乙姫2070-48
Aso City, Otohime 2070-48
Open from 10:00~17:00*
Closed on Sundays & Mondays
(* if the door's closed, we might have popped out to walk the dog... back soon!)