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Kitchen cabinets #2 イケアのカウンターでキャビネット作成

2021-01-28 by David



I hate old kitchens in Japan. If you have an image of sleek minimalist workplaces in your head, don't kid yourself. Almost without exception, they are small, dark, and totally impractical for food prep - never mind chatting with friends or family. This was how the "kitchen" actually looked when I bought the house....


▲ イヤよね?シンクの横にたった50センチのカウンタースペースしかないので、料理作れないキッチンだった。



Yes, that's it! The food-prep space is that tiny 50cm counter space in the corner, between the fire-hazard gas burner and the waterproofed-with-tape sink. The cabinets are made of metal, with metal doors, and plenty of grime and rust. Yuck!


Since I plan to move the entrance to the kitchen to that side of the room, those cabinets and the extractor fan will have to be removed. It took a while to lever off the fan unit with a crowbar, but then I was able to block up the large hole with insulation foam. Good enough for now!

▲ つぎは古いカウンターとシンクキャビネットも外さないといけない。これは結構時間かかりましたね!


Next job was to pull out the sink cabinet and this breakfast bar counter. It took a while, but eventually I managed it and threw the whole thing out of the second floor window (I was too tired to carry it downstairs!).

▲ 水管はできるだけそのまま使いたいので、カウンターを取ればこんな感じになった!古いキャビネットは全部息子と一緒にレンタルトラックに載せて阿蘇市の「未来館」リサイクルセンターで捨てました。


So with the old junk removed, this is what I had to work with! Time to get planning....

▲ じゃ、キッチンリフォームを始めましょうか!


最初に無料ソフト「SKETCHUP」で3Dモデルを作ってみました。この前、作ったキャビネットと同じようにイケアのカウンターを使って作成したいので、それに合わせて描きました。今回も同じイケアの186cmx65cmカウンター(KARLBY: 22,900円)を2枚を買いました。各カウンターの下にキャビネット3台とバースペースを作ります。


I fired up the computer and used the free "Sketchup" 3D modelling software to draw up this basic plan of what I wanted to make. I'm planning to use 2 more Ikea walnut counters, so the cabinets were designed to fit those back to back.

▲ 各キャビネットのドアには幅45センチの化粧板を使いたいので、それに合わせて考えました。147センチほどのキャビネットを作成しました。


The cabinets were also designed to fit the width of three 45cm white veneer boards, which I'll be using as the doors for the cabinets. So, as with the previous cabinet (visible in the background), I slowly put together this simple frame using those 18mm white veneer boards.

▲ 問題もありましたね!見えるかなぁ。。。




I did hit a small problem though - one of the water pipes coming through the floor doesn't quite fit inside the cabinet! I knew it might be a problem from the start, but it was still disappointing to find it mere centimetres out. I'll have to move those pipes by going into the ceiling space of the room below, but that's a job for another day!



▲ 一枚の186センチカウンターを上に載せたら、ちょっと使えるスペースになりました。


I was still able to place one of the two long counters on top, so at least I have a bit of counterspace to sit for now.




▲ これらのキャビネットには引き出しも入れますので、最初からフレーム準備をしました。できるだけ、ネジの配置も隠せるところにしました。


I'm planning to add top drawers to each of these cabinets, so I built in some basic framework for those too.

▲ 友達に聞いてみましたが、このスタイルの椅子が一番人気だった。イケアの「JANINGE」(17,990円)を二個買いました。


After a quick poll on facebook amongst my friends, I chose two of these bar stool chairs for the kitchen, to fit under the counter at the end of the cabinets. $180 from Ikea, but worth it!



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